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 TYHA NEWS 01/10/2006
Following the success of the BerthSearch website launched in January 2006, The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) is pleased to announce some new features to aid Boat Owners in searching for available Berths on the website., which has been designed, built and hosted by Ocean Road, now provides the ability to Search for Marinas by Name. Visitors to the site can either search by entering all or part of the Marina name they are looking for, or simply select a Marina from a dropdown list. The search results then display the number of available Berth listings, and provide direct links to the related Berth listing records and Marina Details.

In addition to this new search feature, the existing "TYHA Member Search" on the home page now displays Berth availability on the resulting Marina details pages, allowing visitors to navigate directly to the related Berth listings. This assists visitors, for example, in searching for Marinas which have been accredited with TYHA's Gold Anchor award and checking for Berth availability at those Marinas.

The new features add to TYHA's objective of providing a convenient website and search facility to assist Boat Owners in finding a suitable Berth, and bringing them together with TYHA's member Marinas. TYHA welcomes further suggestions for the development of the website.

Visit BerthSearch at