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 Marine Consents - Latest News for TYHA Members 01/12/2006
BMF were recently involved in a 1:1 meeting with the Marine Consents and Environment Unit. Represented by Mike Ward of Marina Projects Limited, BMF put a marker down about the need for a dramatic improvement in performance from MCEU in view of the recent significant uplift in FEPA licence fees and their move to full cost recovery. MCEU have committed to providing robust information on both historical licence numbers and projected licence numbers. The provision of this information will provide a benchmark and should aid future dialogue on the subject of fees and performance of the MCEU. MCEU are considering proposals for further dialogue with the industry and we are awaiting their proposals.

Following this meeting, BMF were represented at the Marine Consent's Liaison Group. Key targets highlighted at that meeting include for:
  • 90% of all applications to be entered onto licensing database within 7 days.
  • 50% of licenses to be issued in 10 weeks and 70% issued in 14 weeks.
  • From the 4th quarter of 2006 long-term licenses, 65% to be issued in 10 weeks and 80% in 14 weeks.
Additional information on general licensing matters, options for sediment testing, the development of core licensing and the maintenance dredging protocol and the Marine Bill are available in pdf form on the BMF website. If you would like to know more please contact Brian Clark, our Environment Executive on 01784 223644.