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 BMF Tourism Summit 04/05/2007
Nearly 40 delegates, including a wide range of BMF members with an interest in Tourism, attended the BMF Tourism Summit in Peterborough on 2nd May 2007. The aim of the conference was to review the current BMF Tourism Strategy and find ways of raising the profile of boating related tourism.

The Key Note Speaker, Simon Calder, the Travel Editor of the Independent gave a humorous, informative and interesting presentation, relating his many travels around the world and offering thought provoking ideas about boating related tourism. This was followed by a fact filled, highly relevant and again thought provoking presentation from the Chairman of Tourism Society Think Tank, Ken Robinson CBE FTS, entitled “Present Situation and Future Opportunities”. Other speakers included Sally Banham (Assistant Director) on “BMF’s Interest in Tourism” and James Gower (Director of Marketing) on “BMF’s Promotion of Tourism”.

Howard Pridding (Executive Director) chaired the conference. In the afternoon, the delegates took part in four working groups addressing different issues, including representation, marketing and the Olympic opportunities for tourism. The groups identified how to take advantage of opportunities, move things forward and develop stronger links with many organisations, involved in the tourism arena.

The event was really successful, with unanimous positive feedback from delegates and plenty of ideas. To quote just one delegate ‘a stimulating, enjoyable and informative summit’.

The presentations from the day are available on the BMF website, with a tourism action plan being developed over the coming months. For further information to discuss the development and implementation of BMF’s Tourism Action Plan, please contact Sally Banham (