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 EA Draft Drought Plan Consultation 10/08/2006
The Environment Agency have reviewed and updated their plans for dealing with periods of drought and have recently published them in draft form on the internet. Their drought plan set out how they will co-ordinate drought management activities over England and Wales. It is supported by drought plans for the seven regions and Wales; these cover how the EA manage a drought at a local level. These plans link closely with the constituent area drought plans, which contain most of the operational details, including the arrangements for monitoring.

You can access all the drought plans on the EA website at:-

If you have any comments on any of the plans, please contact Brian Clark, Environment Executive on 01784 223644 or before 15th September 2006 so a response can be produced before the deadline of 22nd September.

Look out for a statement of response to the consultation which will be published on their website in January 2007.