China Marina Conference Program Finalised 06-08-2012
The China Marina Conference to be held in Nansha Marina 10th -11th October, is shaping up to be an event no marina operator or developer in China will want to miss. The program is close to being finalised, and can be viewed at
The program starts with presentations from Chinese officials providing their insight into the macro aspects of the boating and marina business, before moving on to more marina specific subjects. One Chinese VIP is Mr Zheng Weihang, Chairman of the China Yacht Club Alliance (CYCA).

e-news.jpgHe said: “China Marina Conference, organized by Nansha Marina, is truly the one of a great practical value and importance. China is a big sea state with rich and diverse marina culture. But such a phenomenon as a yachting culture has just come into existence in China and is still at comparatively early stages of its development. I’m expecting that by participating in the China Marina Conference, I’ll have an opportunity to share the knowledge about China’s ancient and abundant sea culture as well as to popularize and promote contemporary yachting culture.”

Marina management and development aspects include training needs (Mick Bettesworth), development of marina networks and alliances (Francis Lee), development & use of standard operating procedures (Simon Arrol, Marina Consultant), a marina master planning case study (Emmanuel Delarue, architect), waterfront rejuvenation (Edward Wong, architect), and much more. As the first drystack operator in China, drystack design and operations is a natural topic to include in the agenda.

e-news.jpgMr Bettesworth, Chairman of the Global Marina Institute, said: “…this will be excellent opportunity for attendees of the conference to listen to, meet with and learn from the experiences of world leaders in the various fields of Marina design, development and management. The conference will also be a wonderful opportunity for them to gain an insight into the current trends in the industry. Personally, I am greatly looking forward to meeting as many people as possible and learning as much as I can about the developing industry in China”.

The China Marina Conference is organised as a part of Yacht CN ( which incorporates the South China largest Boat Show.