The Success of "Yacht CN Extravaganza" 28-08-2012
On Saturday evening, 11th of August, Nansha Marina organized and successfully held "Yacht CN Extravaganza" night. The event brought together more than 200 guests, gathering boating core media, confirmed and potential exhibitors, members of the Nansha Marina and overseas partners "under one roof".

The main purpose of the "Yacht CN Extravaganza" was to give professional media, exhibitors and other people involved in Yacht CN a better understanding and the latest update on the event that is going to take place in October. Yacht CN - China Marina Conference and Nansha Bay International Boat Show have attracted much attention from the industry experts and professional media, but it was the first time when the former and the latter were actually gathered together in a Yacht CN promo-event of such scales, where they had a chance to talk to the organizers directly, ask the questions they were interested in and get a clear understanding of Yacht CN concept, as well, as it was a great chance for the guests to communicate with each other. The video greetings from some of the key speakers of China Marina Conference (Julian Goldie, the Chairman of the Yacht Harbour Association, UK; Mick Bettesworth, the Chairman of the Global Marina Institute and Andrew Chapman, the Chairman of Marina Industries Association, Australia), in which they expressed their high expectations and big hopes for the Conference in October, together with the preview of the most distinctive yachts, presented by world-famous brands, which have already confirmed their participation in Nansha Bay International Boat Show on 12-14th October 2012 were truly the highlights of the evening. All this was peppered with the bikini and glamorous garments model shows, while in between the guests were entertained by stirring Latin band singing.

All in all, the “Yacht CN Extravaganza” embodied a real conglomerate of cultures, bringing together Western, Chinese and Latin American life styles in one place in one time. And that better than anything reflects the very idea of “Yacht CN” - there are no boundaries and limits if people are united with one big passion - a passion for boating. So, as Yacht CN motto says: "If you have a passion for boating, Yacht CN is a place to be!"