China Marina Conference - don't wait, only a month away… 07-09-2012

As there is only slightly more than a month left to the Official Opening of the China Marina Conference, its program and the speaker’s list have already been finalized. All in all, 22 industry experts from around the world will converge on Nansha this October. Among the invited experts, the organizer would like to highlight the following associations' support and participation in the China Marina Conference:

  • Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA Honorary Secretary, Mr. YP Loke)
  • China Boat Industry & Trade Association (CBITA's Chairman, Mr. Yang Xinfa)
  • China Yachting Association (CYA's Chairman, Mr. Li Quanhai)
  • China Yacht Club Alliance  (CYCA's Chairman, Mr. Zheng Weihang)
  • Global Marina Institute (GMI’s Chairman, Mr. Mick Bettesworth)
  • Guangdong Real Estate Association (GREA’s President, Mr. Cai Suisheng)
  • Marina Industries Association, Australia (MIAA's Chairman, Mr. Andrew Chapman)
  • Singapore Boating Industry Association (SBIA Chairman, Mr.YP Loke)
  • The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA’s  Chairman, Mr. Julian Goldie)

Speakers see the Conference as the perfect platform to exchange the latest knowledge and experience with the leading experts in the Industry. It is an ideal venue to get to know China's market and its demands and expectations better, as well as an opportunity to bring the abundant world expertise to this newly developing field in China.

A Chapman 2011 web @ Feb 12.JPGMr. Andrew Chapman, the Chairman of MIA says: -
“I am looking forward to meeting with more of those involved with the Chinese Marina Industry when I visit Nansha Marina for the conference later this year. The more I work with the Chinese Marina Industry the more I see the same passion for Customers and the care of their vessels that we see in Australia and other Western markets. This will be another great opportunity to share ideas and explore concepts that can be implemented as the Chinese market develops. What impresses me most is the apparent willingness of the Authorities to implement change to facilitate better conditions for recreational boating growth. In both my capacities as a Marina design and management Consultant and Chairman of the MIA I am very excited to be attending this conference. I look forward to meeting you at Nansha Marina."
With its rapidly developing market and proportionally increasing wealth, some Chinese are looking to acquire superyachts, creating a demand for superyacht marinas and related services.  That’s why it will be of a great interest for the audience to listen to AMIA member Mr. Erwin Bamps, COO of Gulf Craft, speak on “The expectations and concerns of superyacht owners."

Mr. Erwin Bamps, COO.JPGMr Bamps said “With the new wealth in China and Southeast Asia, we can see an increasing ability and appetite for luxury spending. At the same time the government and real estate developers are spending efforts in building up infrastructure like residential developments and integrated marinas to bring people to the waterfront. Combining both, we see a clear growth potential for the yachting and boating industry.
The China Marina Conference in Nansha will be an excellent opportunity for participants residing and investing in the region to acquaint themselves with what is living today in the yachting market and marina management globally, and will enhance further knowledge of what it takes to own and operate a leisure craft and yacht marina.”

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