China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 2012 26-09-2012
Themed on "Get aboard to a new life", China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS) 2012 will kick off at Xiamen Marina from 2nd to 5th, November and will definitely bring you a boat-featured visual feast.

  • Xiamen Municipal Government
  • China Association of the Naional Shipbuilding Industry
  • China Boat Industry & Trade Association
  • The People's Government of HuLi District, Xiamen Municipal
  • Construction Headquarters of Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen
  • Xiamen Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd
  • Xiamen Assocication of the Yachts Industry
  • Xiamen Road & Bridge Yacht Development Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Association of Shipbuilding Industry
Xiamen International Boat Show Successfully Joined in IFBSO - Edged into World Rank

CXIBS has successfully joined in the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers (IFBSO) in April 2012. It has followed Shanghai which gained the membership in 2008 to be the second one in China, and followed Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and South Korea to be the sixth member of IFBSO in Asia; and also stands as one of the youngest exhibitions in IFBSO.

Increasingly Expanded Show Scale - Deserved “No.1 Water-based Boat Show”

Thanks to the successes of previous four shows, the fame of CXIBS has been gradually uplifted with more exhibitors participating in. To conform to the development of current situation, the Organizing Committee has expanded the size of the show with increasing the land booths by 23%. Meanwhile, 351 new yacht berths in Xiamen Marina will be officially put into use in this CXIBS. This is unprecedented in all the boat shows at home, thus it is worthy of the name of “No. 1 Water-based Boat Show”.

Brand Effect - More Overseas Exhibitors

With the awareness of CXIBS having been uplifted both at home and abroad, many overseas enterprises have expressed their great interest in CXIBS one after another. The Organizing Committee has signed exhibition attraction agreement with global partners in Europe, Southeast Asia and other places to strive for inviting more overseas enterprises to this show. With the vigorous support and coordination of the global partners, invitation letters have been sent to more than 1,000 enterprises in many countries including Europe and Southeast Asia. Currently, many yacht enterprises from Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions have determined to participate in the show.

Luxury Yachts Gathering and Spare Part Exhibitors Enthusiastic about this Show

The exhibition invitation has been going smoothly since it was officially carried out in May. Up to now, 90% of the special booths have been sold, 50% of the standard booths also have been booked and over 100 companies have determined to participate in this Show.

There will be more luxury yachts on Xiamen Marina during CXIBS 2012. Currently, Trinity 161-ft, Ferretti 112-ft, IAG 100-ft and Shanghai Bestway 90-ft and other super yachts have been determined to be exhibited in the Show and exclusive exhibition areas for them have already been arranged in advanced.

Spare part exhibitors are also enthusiastic about this Show. Famous engine manufacturers such as MAN, YAMAHA, Suzuki, Volvo, and Caterpillar have already determined to participate in this Show. The exhibitors of other spare parts including God Power, Royal Technology, FixTech, Taoboer, Sunshine, Taiweike, Tide Mechanical also have booked the booths.

High-end Brands Gathering - Car, Yacht and Upmarket Showed

CXIBS 2012 will gather all kinds of high-end and luxurious brands. Through this show, the best cars, luxury yachts, airplanes, real estate projects and luxurious upmarkets will be shown in Xiamen, so as to fully present the distinctive styles, charms and highlights in luxurious world and directly promote the luxury to all-round experience through activities.

Rich Businessmen Gathering - Potential Buyers Shining in CXIBS

During the show, the Organizing Committee will invite personages across the country and experts from home and abroad to participate in this show. The Organizing Committee will invite VVIP clients to participate in related Yacht Trial, Celebrity Reception and other supporting activities, with an aim to strengthen the communication between exhibitors and VVIP clients, and to develop new yacht life and promote the yacht industry through cultivating these high-end consumers on ocean leisure lifestyle.

Extraordinary Supporting Activities - Business Elites, Socialites and Industrial Giants Gathering

Unswervingly adhering to the objective of leading the new fashion of marine leisure, CXIBS contains various marine leisure activities like Business College Cup Sailing Boat Competition, 2012 Annual Meeting of Yacht and Dock Managers in Asian-Pacific Region, Matchmaking Meeting, Model Boat Activity, Yacht Baby Contest, Yacht Photography Competition, Yacht Trial and Yacht Cruise, which will be presented one after another during the show.

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