Debrink Yachting have Gold Anchors stripped 15-11-2012
At the beginning of October 2012, the owner of Debrink Yachting took the decision to abandon management and ownership of his marina. Leaving the keys with the local bank, the management moved away and is now out of contact of customers and suppliers to the astonishment of the onsite restaurant and berth holders.

Berth holders each got a letter explaining it was no longer under management and commented "The marina has been one of the best in Holland but now this manager fled without any warning or explanation. We really appreciate the work of the gardener who is keeping the grounds and toilets in good condition, we are just so angry with the owner".

The marina grounds-man had previously been sub-contracted and has now volunteered to take charge of day-to-day emergencies and ongoing maintenance as an act of respect to the marina customers. The responsibility and future of the business appears to be rest with the bank.

Debrink was awarded 4 Gold Anchors in December 2009 when it was considered to be one of the best in Holland. Since it's management abandoned, there is no clear liability for emergencies, maintenance or services, it is therefore deemed to fall outside the Gold Anchor criteria. On Thursday 15th November 2012, Gareth Turnbull (TYHA General Manager) visited the site to remove the accreditation and the Gold Anchor flag.

Gareth Turnbull said "This is such a sad situation for the customers and the facility itself but they cannot remain part of our quality assurance scheme. I do admire the tenacity of the grounds-man who is keeping the site clean and tidy and with no certainty of being reimbursed for his time.”

Two berth holders who were present for Gareth’s visit explained "They deserve to have the Gold Anchor award removed".