VersaDock gets versatile - Tullett Prebon London Boat Show 2013
Stand#: E140

DrySail™ by VersaDock targets the sports and sail boat sector

The clue is in the name.

DrySail™ by VersaDock has been designed and engineered specifically for the modern-day lifting keelboat market; a revolutionary system that ensures the boat is kept, and can be maintained, 100% out of the water. This innovative system is built on the proven VersaDock Drive-on Docking System. There will be more detail soon at

As with every VersaDock product, the DrySail™ System is designed to address the needs of boat owners and, in this case, to users of sports boats and smaller, lighter, lifting keel sailing boats up to a maximum of 1,500kgs (including any crew on board). It also offers a range of practical and cost-effective benefits to marinas, yacht clubs and sailing centres that need to accommodate, dock and launch individual boats or an entire fleet of racing boats quickly, easily and securely.

Speed is of the essence
It takes under two minutes to dock a boat onto the DrySail™ System and a mere 30 seconds to re-launch it from the docked position and the entire manoeuvre can be operated by one person when using the electric winch option.

DrySail™ provides a safe and stable platform for cleaning and the upkeep of boats whilst maintaining a clean hull for optimum speed and efficiency without anti-fouling.

The universal roller system can be easily adjusted or adapted to suit individual models and it can even be used in tidal locations as it dries out even with a boat docked on it.

Simple and convenient
One of the great advantages when using this system is that there's no need to book ahead to a marina or get stuck in a queue for the crane to be lifted out after racing. The beauty of the DrySail™ is that it can be configured as an interlocking island structure or attached to a pontoon. The sailor doesn't need to worry about the boat; either way it is convenient and a massive time-saver. You finish racing, you dock the boat.

Developing a product specifically for the consumer sailboat market is an exciting move for VersaDock, a company headquartered in the UK and already established as a world leader in modular floating pontoons and docking systems used by private, commercial, government and military customers.

The DrySail™ System being launched at the 2013 European Boat Shows, including the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show (12-20 Jan) and Boot Dusseldorf (19-27 Jan), shows it in use with the high-octane J/70 sports boat, also being exhibited at the London Boat Show, but it will also suit other sports boat designs such as the SB20 and the B/One by Bavaria.

Visit the Key Yachting stand #G145 (just around the corner from VersaDock) to view the J/70 parked on a DrySail™ dock.

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