TYHA 2013 Summer Networking Event 01-05-2013
2nd - 4th July 2013
Holland, France, and Belgium

This annual networking event which is supported by Van Oord dredging contractor is an opportunity for marina operators to visit marinas in 3 different countries which all take very different approaches to running their businesses.

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Usual delegates to the event include marina operators, owners and suppliers who are interested in seeing a other facilities and marina management techniques. This year we are looking forward to working closely with our members in France, Belgium and Holland and to exploring our neighbouring coastline.

UK delegates will meet at Penton Hook Marina near London and all accommodation, food and transport costs are included in the fee and coordinated by TYHA we will also be pleased to meet colleaugues at various points throughout the trip for those who cannot meet us in London.

For further information contact Libby Gordon on +44 (0)1784 223817 or email lgordon@britishmarine.co.uk

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