The Yacht Harbour Association Launches Improved Marina Standards 22-05-2013
The Yacht Harbour Association’s (TYHA) 7th Edition Code of Practice which has been eighteen months in the making was launched at the 2013 Marina Conference on Wednesday 8th May. The Code has been carefully drafted and endorsed by a range of experts in their own fields to offer a guide to best practice for any marina designer, developer or operator. It takes into consideration the needs of TYHA’s expanding international membership, new industry guidelines and with an increased emphasis on the operation of marinas.

This 7th Edition contains over 4,000 technical updates which have been independently reviewed by legal, health and safety experts and in conjunction with a specialist marina consultancy, Marina Projects. The guidelines found within the 6th edition were considered of such gravitas that the Cypriot government applied it as statute.

Gareth Turnbull, General Manager of TYHA said: “We are really excited for the launch of the 7th Edition Code of Practice which contains several thousand updates, making the Code of Practice even more invaluable to marina operators around the world. The Code draws on the best regarded practices in the industry, making it essential reading for avoiding serious risks and implementing the most proven solutions to technical issues.”

Mike Ward, Project Director at Marina Projects, TYHA’s key consulting partner on this project, commented, “The TYHA Code of Practice provides an invaluable reference document for anyone embarking on a marine leisure related development. It is a useful starting point for the design process, identifying essential principles as well as highlighting key issues and areas of complexity. It is our experience that its reach extends well beyond the UK and it is particularly well used in new and emerging markets. We were delighted to provide assistance to TYHA with the latest revision of the Code.”

Nick Horton from Dorade Law stated: “The TYHA Code of Practice is used throughout the world as a definitive guide to best practice. It is a document which every marina operator should read through to understand industry best practices.”

All TYHA members will receive a free copy of the Code of Practice.