Marina managers called on to help with a new study into the UK moorings market 20-04-2015
A new research project being run by the British Marine Federation with the support of key navigational and recreational boating authorities in the UK is exploring the state of the moorings market in the British Isles.

This research will build on the marina berth and moorings audit conducted by the BMF in 2013 to provide an accurate map of boat movements and marina capacity, occupancy and future developments across the UK. The study will capture moorings data by marina type, mooring category and geographic location and will help to provide an accurate picture of the current market for marina berths and moorings, and an important business planning tool for marina owners and operators.

An online questionnaire was launched on Friday 17 April and will run for three weeks, during which time anyone who manages a marina, boatyard or other anchorage is invited to complete the short survey by clicking here. The survey will close on Friday 8 May.

We strongly encourage all marina managers and operators to complete this survey. Your views are extremely valuable to us - the greater your input, the greater the accuracy and value of the research that the BMF publishes. All marina operators who complete the survey and submit their contact details will receive a complimentary copy of the research report.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this research, please contact the BMFs Statistics & Market Research team on

Click here to complete the survey.